What is Fencing?

Fencing, also known as “Physical Chess”, is not just exercise for the body but the mind as well. It is a tactical masterpiece of grace and prowess that takes one back through the annals of history. It is one of only four sports that has been in every modern Olympic Games and a popular sport at the best Universities. Exciting for men and women, boys and girls, it is an individual sport which can be very entertaining even without any special talent. If the student has enthusiasm and patience, we will teach the fencer how to develop the skill. While fencing has been gaining in popularity and many clubs exist in other areas, the Atlantic Fencing Academy brings recreational and competitive fencing to Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

Sword fighting as sport has existed since ancient Egypt, and has been practiced in many forms in various cultures since then. Although jousting and tournament combat was a popular sport in the European Middle Ages, modern fencing owes more to unarmored dueling forms that evolved from 16th century rapier combat.

The sport of fencing is fast and athletic, a far cry from the choreographed bouts you see on film or on the stage. Instead of swinging from a chandelier or leaping from balconies, you will see two fencers performing an intense dance on a 6-feet-by-46-feet strip. The movement is so fast the touches are scored electrically – more like Star Wars than Errol Flynn.

The main object of a fencing bout (what an individual “game” is called) is to effectively score 15 points (in direct elimination play) or five points (in preliminary pool play) on your opponent before he scores that number on you. Each time a fencer scores a touch, she receives a point.

Fencing is a unique sport so it takes some time for your body to get adjusted to the moves. As you practice, your body becomes stronger and more flexible. You develop coordination, quickness, focus, and concentration. It is a great cardiovascular and aerobic workout and an excellent outlet for the life’s stresses. We guarantee that anyone who fences for 30 minutes will forget about the outside world.

Not if done properly. Although executed with appreciable energy, a good, clean fencing attack hurts no more than a tap on the shoulder. The force of the blow is normally absorbed by the flex of the blade. However, fencing *is* a martial art, so you should expect minor bruises every now and again. To prevent injuries, fencers always wear protective gear from head to toe. Fencing uniforms are made by global vendors like Leon Paul, Uhlmann, Nike, and Adidas and all of the gear can only be sold if it passes rigorous safety standards.

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