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Class Descriptions

Peewee [Ages 6-8] & Youth Class  [Ages 9-13]

If you never fenced before or had some minimal experience – this is the class for you! Students will learn basic footwork, technique, simple attack and defense. Games and playful exercises have been incorporated to make it easier to acquire balance, coordination and focus. Students will learn the basic rules of bouting. Off course, friendly dueling is always part of this class. We are offering classes for children of age 6 to 13.

Intermediate Youth Class [Ages 9-13]

Are you thinking seriously about fencing and decided to compete in this season… To participate in this class you will need the approval of your fencing coach. Fencers must have their complete fencing equipment including electrical [2 electric weapons, 2 body cords, and foil or saber lame]. Conditioning to improve stamina, strength, coordination and balance is an important part of this class. This class is one and half hour long. Expect a lot of footwork and more advanced blade work. Competition strategies and tactics will be introduced and improved. Structured drills and bouting are an essential part of this class. We recommend students to add free “Bouting Practices” to their training.

Adult/Junior Class [Ages 13 and up]

Whether you want to be a competitive fencer or a recreational swordsmen/swordswomen – start here! This class is designed for high school students and adults. Participants will learn the fundamentals of fencing, starting with basic footwork, simple attacks and defenses. They will do technical and mobility drills with other fencers. At the end of each class, there will be enough time for a friendly bout.

Intermediate/Advanced Class [Ages 9 and up]

You are still undecided about competing? Maybe you are a dedicated fencer already. In any case… You want to excel! Students are expected to do more work and come to extra bouting on a regular basis. Fencers must have their own complete fencing equipment. The one and a half hour class reinforces all the physical and technical moves of fencing. Advanced footwork and blade work are practiced through drills and bouting. Bouting and competition strategies will be discussed. General and weapon specific rules and basic refereeing will be taught. Students are recommended to participate in a planned competition schedule. We offer dedicated classes for different weapons. classes for different weapons.

Private Instructions

You love fencing, you want to improve, you have a goal. It is time to start private lessons! Private lessons are high intensity one-on-one sessions with your coach. The 20 minute lesson is very demanding both physically and mentally. Nevertheless, this is the best way to learn the various sequences of blade movement, the nuances of the blade technique, proper timing and distance. The coach will bring out the best in the student and help develop individuality. The non-stop refinements of actions are a never-ending process of fencing. Just ask the champions!

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